[IITLUG] Get everyone on here!!!/FRAG lan party

  • From: Tristan Sloughter <sloutri@xxxxxxx>
  • To: iitlug@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 22:38:29 +0100

This mailing list could be a great help to setting up events and meetings, but 
first we need the whole group on the list. If anyone on here knows people who 
want to be part of the lug and are not on the list yet, either get them to 
sign up or sign them up yourself. 

I think the group FRAG on campus has agreed to have Linux machines at their 
large lan party in the MTCC ballroom sometime in March after spring break. So 
anyone who has machines they think will help show off Linux, maybe a tight 
setup or just able to run games these kids would be interested in, that'd be 
great to have out for people to see. Also, we'll have Knoppix CDs and 
possibly be doing full installs there if people get that convinced so people 
will be needed to help out with that. Maybe I can work it out to be called a 
lan party/install fest and get free advertisment from the FRAG group. What 
does everyone think?

Oh, and if any of you have been able to get the new steam Counterstrike 
running on a machine I would love to know about that and I'm sure that'd help 
out at the lan party.


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