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  • Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 08:45:16 +0800

Hey guys

CEAC could possibly find a place for the A0 poster; were quite close to the Geo 
building and I think I can probably chuck it in there without it getting pulled 
down. If engineers want it though thats fine, but I think I could get it up 

Tim that poster looks awesome! Wish I could draw....*sigh* Also I talked to the 
guy who could design one in our club and he is doing Honours so pretty full on 
so chances are can't make up a design. He did say though if inspiration hit and 
he was procrastinating then he would whip one up, but I doubt that will happen. 


On 19/05/2011, at 23:09, Timothy Ey <timothy.ey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> With the posters, Jacinta said that you guys were planning on making one. I 
> think two different posters are better than one, once people see one of the 
> posters they start to block out the rest of that design (because it's not new 
> information anymore), so two posters gives two impressions. 
> Selling starts Day 1, Semester 2, so ideally have posters made, ready and 
> printed by then.
> As for the A0, that sucks. Does CEAC have any nice spots to put it in? The 
> only place in Engineering I can think of is the window below the TV in the 
> Pavillions Exhibition space, that currently has a few random posters in it. 
> Btw, I've attached the sketch for the poster our guys (well, technically 
> they're Arts students, but whatever) have made.
> Tim
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> Hey guys! 
> just a query when exactly do we need to have our posters sketches/ designs 
> done by?
> and is it possible for the PRSC to have their own poster or are we just 
> choosing one that will go everywhere?
> also i have the A0 poster that i havent been able to put up anywhere in the 
> business areas they are really strict and will only let us use our notice 
> board 1 A3 poster in the school of marketing! so would anyone else like to 
> put it somewhere else? or know of a spot i can place it in?
> Let me know 
> Thanks
> Carla 
> <final ball poster concept.jpg>

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