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With the posters, Jacinta said that you guys were planning on making one. I 
think two different posters are better than one, once people see one of the 
posters they start to block out the rest of that design (because it's not new 
information anymore), so two posters gives two impressions.

Selling starts Day 1, Semester 2, so ideally have posters made, ready and 
printed by then.

As for the A0, that sucks. Does CEAC have any nice spots to put it in? The only 
place in Engineering I can think of is the window below the TV in the 
Pavillions Exhibition space, that currently has a few random posters in it.

Btw, I've attached the sketch for the poster our guys (well, technically 
they're Arts students, but whatever) have made.


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Hey guys!

just a query when exactly do we need to have our posters sketches/ designs done 

and is it possible for the PRSC to have their own poster or are we just 
choosing one that will go everywhere?

also i have the A0 poster that i havent been able to put up anywhere in the 
business areas they are really strict and will only let us use our notice board 
1 A3 poster in the school of marketing! so would anyone else like to put it 
somewhere else? or know of a spot i can place it in?

Let me know



Attachment: final ball poster concept.jpg
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