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  • From: Shannonn <girl_in_red_xo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: igniteball@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 15:21:18 +0800

Hey, i can make the wednesday meeting but not the thursday, and i like the 

Jacinta Kingdon <jacintakingdon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hey everyone,
>I think we finally have a full committee going now. Here are the rep
>PRSC: Erin & Carla
>CEAC: Nicola & Shannon
>CEC: Troy & Tim (and me)
>As I've mentioned to everyone, I'd like to get us all together early next
>week so we can actually meet each other and have a quick chat about what we
>all want for this event. So if you could go to the following link to fill in
>your availability (mainly for Carla and Erin), we can sort out a time to do
>this. But by the looks of it at the moment, it appears 1PM on Wednesday
>would be the best, and if no one has a problem with this, would we just like
>to go ahead and book this time in for our meeting?
>Also, the meeting with Joseph (our Challenge Stadium contact) has been
>scheduled for 2PM Thursday March 3rd (at Vege Patch on campus). I think as
>long as we can get at least one rep from each club to make it, I'd rather
>not have to reschedule. So who can/can't make this time? I would like to
>know ASAP incase both reps from one club can't make it so I can change the
>meeting time with as much warning for Joseph as possible.
>Lastly for now (I seriously want to go to sleep), I've attached the prelim
>poster for the ball CEC have come up with. I'm pretty impressed with this
>"draft" and if everyone else approves of the design, I'd like to get it
>printed and up around campus ASAP. This prelim kinda poster isn't really for
>letting people know the minor details of the event, it's more for just
>putting the idea of the ball into their heads early on so they can start
>talking about it with friends, etc. We print this one out as big as possible
>(A0 I believe) and stick it in high traffic areas within our schools. As in,
>for CEC, we have a cabinet in one of the main eng buildings where we will
>keep the poster up for the rest of the year and people see it as they come
>down a particular stairwell. So start thinking about where you'd want your
>giant poster to live for the rest of the year and how many you want (I'm
>thinking CEC will want 2, and 1 or 2 for PRSC and CEAC? Up to you guys).
>Wow, lots of words. What I want from this email:
>*1) Can you make a 1PM Wednesday meeting next week (30 min max), if not,
>fill in Doodle.
>2) Can you make the Challenge meeting?
>3) What do you think of the poster?*
>If you can answer these questions for me, great! Talk soon.

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