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  • Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 14:43:05 +0000

Hey Jacinta

 1: Yep I can make the 1pm meeting on Wednesday
 2: I can also make the meeting on Thursday I believe
 3: Poster looks awesome! I'll start thinking of somewhere to put our one :)


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 Hey everyone,

 I think we finally have a full committee going now. Here are the rep details:

 PRSC: Erin & Carla
 CEAC: Nicola & Shannon
 CEC: Troy & Tim (and me)

 As I've mentioned to everyone, I'd like to get us all together early next week 
so we can actually meet each other and have a quick chat about what we all want 
for this event. So if you could go to the following link to fill in your 
availability (mainly for Carla and Erin), we can sort out a time to do this. 
But by the looks of it at the moment, it appears 1PM on Wednesday would be the 
best, and if no one has a problem with this, would we just like to go ahead and 
book this time in for our meeting?


 Also, the meeting with Joseph (our Challenge Stadium contact) has been 
scheduled for 2PM Thursday March 3rd (at Vege Patch on campus). I think as long 
as we can get at least one rep from each club to make it, I'd rather not have 
to reschedule. So who can/can't make this time? I would like to know ASAP 
incase both reps from one club can't make it so I can change the meeting time 
with as much warning for Joseph as possible.

 Lastly for now (I seriously want to go to sleep), I've attached the prelim 
poster for the ball CEC have come up with. I'm pretty impressed with this 
"draft" and if everyone else approves of the design, I'd like to get it printed 
and up around campus ASAP. This prelim kinda poster isn't really for letting 
people know the minor details of the event, it's more for just putting the idea 
of the ball into their heads early on so they can start talking about it with 
friends, etc. We print this one out as big as possible (A0 I believe) and stick 
it in high traffic areas within our schools. As in, for CEC, we have a cabinet 
in one of the main eng buildings where we will keep the poster up for the rest 
of the year and people see it as they come down a particular stairwell. So 
start thinking about where you'd want your giant poster to live for the rest of 
the year and how many you want (I'm thinking CEC will want 2, and 1 or 2 for 
PRSC and CEAC? Up to you guys).

 Wow, lots of words. What I want from this email:

 *1) Can you make a 1PM Wednesday meeting next week (30 min max), if not, fill 
in Doodle.
 2) Can you make the Challenge meeting?
 3) What do you think of the poster?*

 If you can answer these questions for me, great! Talk soon.


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