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  • From: Callum Yeomans <callum.y@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 21:41:36 +0800

The photoshop version of Jacqui's design.

On 17/07/2010 4:37 PM, Callum Yeomans wrote:
I chucked together an alternative ticket design because I was having some problems with the resolution of the image Jacqui used. I've since got a better copy so I'm doing that up in Photoshop too, hopefully put that on here in a day or two to compare.

I'm meeting with Chris on Monday to get him to do up Jacqui's smaller posters in Photoshop and put together the larger poster. If anyone has different ideas for the bigger poster or comments on my suggestion please send them ASAP, because with the limited timeframe once Photoshop work has commenced properly it probably won't change too much.

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