[igniteball] Re: PRSC and CEAC ticket selling

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  • Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 02:20:05 +0000

Hey Tim

 Thats right; CEAC will be selling them from the 311 Common Room between 12 and 
2 or on request of the committee members

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 Hi Tim,

 The PRSC will be having reception sell tickets for us. That way it is kept 
simple and money, tickets, forms all stay in the one spot. We have spoke. To 
reception and they are happy to do so we are in process of putting the info 
together for the ladies at reception so they are ready to go.

 Tickets will be bought from School of Marketing 408 Lvl 2

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 On 23/06/2011, at 8:51 PM, Timothy Ey < timothy.ey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > 

 Just clarifying PRSC and CEAC selling details for the poster:

 PRSC, you mentioned Building 408 reception. Is this a "we're setting up just 
outside the reception"? And what times and what days are you setting up?

 CEAC, you guys are setting up Building 311 common room, 12-2 daily?


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