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  • From: Callum Yeomans <callum.y@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: igniteball@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 20:08:53 +0800

I'm Callum Yeomans, the President of the CEC.

I won't have quite as much to do with organising the ball as Jacinta and Simon will have for the CEC, I expect you'll all be able to handle it easily, but I will throw my input in from time to time.

There are four big things that need doing at the moment - getting some basics laid down between the three clubs, finalising ticket prices (the Challenge meeting is pretty ideal for this), the design of the large posters and the design of the tickets. So yeah getting a meeting of the ball committee sometime in this coming week would be ideal if it can be managed.

P.S. PRSC - Public Relations Student Chapter

Callum Yeomans
Undergraduate Mechatronic Engineer
/Curtin University of Technology/

Curtin Engineers Club - /President/

Curtin Motorsport Team - /Member/
Ph: +61439904369

On 27/06/2010 12:18 PM, Jacinta Kingdon wrote:
Ok, I'm Jacinta from CEC for those who don't know me already.

This year, the Ignite Ball is being presented by 3 Curtin Guild clubs: Curtin Engineers Club, Curtin Environmental Biology Club & PRSC (Public Relations Student Club??, sorry, unsure of what it stands for). With such a variety of influence the ball is bound to be bigger and better than ever.

Now that exams are over, we really need to get started with all the details. There is a meeting planned with Challenge Stadium on Wednesday the 7th of July so it is essential that we meet amongst ourselves before then. How is everyones availability this week? Myself, I am only free after 3:30pm any day this week due to work committments which I'm sure everyone has.

So, can everyone please email through their availabilities ASAP? Also, it may be beneficial to 'introduce' yourself as such for those who have not met everyone before.

Hope to hear from everyone soon! I'm so super excited about the ball!!!


PS: My mobile number is 0434 207 716

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