[igniteball] Ignite Ball - 3 sleeps

  • From: Jacinta Kingdon <jacintakingdon@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cec_committee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, igniteball@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 19:24:25 +0800

Not long to the big night now!! A few things to make note of.

The ball committee met with the event guy from Challenge and our final
number is 510. At the moment I think we are sitting on 497 tickets
sold/reserved. Attached is the electronic copy of the tickets list. If you
have a chance, please have a look through it. For some reason the stats
section says we've sold 496 but there are only 103 blank tickets listed so
if someone finds whats wrong with one of my formulas, would be great. (To
Daniel, please fill in the gaps I left for your tickets and email back to

So, this means we have *THIRTEEN* tickets left for sale and this is it. I
have left 15 tickets I think in the red file (my mistake, I hadn't updated
this, so Daniel, please make two of those tickets redundant). There is also
a pile of Reserved tickets. They should all be labelled with their
respective future owners, so if someone comes in and says they've come to
pay for a reserved one, that's where it should be. Please make sure you note
down on the signup sheet that they were paid for. On Friday I will be ticket
selling 12-2PM and I'll call any reserved tickets left to be picked up.

Ok, general timeline for Saturday:

Ball and CEC committee members rock up to Challenge Stadium. (Near the main
carpark off Stephenson Ave)

Ticket system set up. Desks and power provided. We provide the laptop,
barcode scanner, permanent markers. (Where is the scanner, who's laptop are
we using that has the program?)

Doors open and we start scanning people in. There will be ~20 minute shifts
for everyone (Ball committee get first choice of shifts). We need 2 people
scanning people in & writing table numbers on tickets, and 2-3 people
wristbanding people.

Fire performers begin their hour of roaming in the pre-dinner drinks area.

Stilt walkers being their roaming in the pre-dinner drinks area.
The reveal. Curtains open to reveal main area. People begin moving into this
area and find tables.
Also, most people should be scanned in by now. Alert security that if any
latecomers, notify ....

Stilt walkers do 10 minute stage show as people are seated/being seated.
Callum does his speech.

Buffet dinner begins.

Dinner ends. Main dancing begins.

Chocolate fountains set up at buffet stations.

Event ends. Buses waiting outside to depart for Casino or Northbridge.

Ok, I think that is all the important info. If I've forgotten anything I'll
pass it through the mailing list when I remember what it is. Any questions
about anything either email me or text/call me (0434207716).


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