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Hi Callum,

Yeah, I think it's a good idea that we all catch up to work out funding for the ball. We need to make sure all the details are ready and the applications are in well before the event so if there's anything missing we can sort it out.

As far as three clubs applying for one event, there's nothing in the rules and regs preventing it, however each club will have varied levels of funding available to them due to club size and Guild member percentage.

You guys will need to start identifying the costs that you wish the sponsorship to cover and ensure that all your invoices and quotes clearly separate the cost of alcohol from anything else.

As far as my availability goes, I prioritise meetings with clubs above other duties so it I won't be a problem, Sorry I missed your meeting the other day, Beth should have come grab me, she emailed me but my email was down.


Reece Wheadon

Membership Officer


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Hi Reece,

I mentioned this in passing to Beth at the meeting I had with her and Jess, but I thought I'd bring this up early with you.

This year the Ignite! Ball is being run by three clubs; Curtin Engineers Club, Environmental Biology Club and Public Relations Student Chapter. It's booked in for Saturday 2nd of October at Challenge Stadium with planning well underway. I think sometime in the not so distant future it would be a good idea for a rep from each of the clubs to sit down with the Guild at the same time and discuss our applications for Guild sponsorship. It will be interesting trying to fit into everyone's schedule so I thought this was better started sooner rather than later.

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