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 I'd say either the pork or the beef rendang as the replacement, can't decide 
which one though!

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 This is an email Joseph sent me today. In particular, have a look at the menu 
choices to replace the steak and voice your opinions.

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 Subject: Follow Up Points
 Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 10:17:50 +0800
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Hi Jac, It was nice to see you again yesterday and apologies again for being 
late....I hate being late and keeping people waiting....Anyways, Here’s the 
Menu Choices To Replace Steak;
  Crispy crackled roast pork
  Honey glazed leg ham, dijon, white wine
  Lamb tagine with pearl cous cous
  Braised beef cheek & red wine pie
  Traditional beef rendang, jasmine rice
The only things I am waiting on from you are the following;
  Theme choice
  If you are happy to keep the price at $160inc or if you would like me to 
separate like last year (I prefer it to be all inclusive which makes your 
billing and planning considerably easier)
  After you guys consider your sponsors and what funds you will have if you 
could let me know a $ amount so I can organize extra theme/AV equipment to make 
the event more sexy
  Ticketing, I am happy to keep the normal set-up you currently use but just 
wanted to offer you my suggestions
  Approximation on numbers for pre-event VIP room (This is important because I 
had included this at no charge, but if numbers are going to be 50 people the 
way you mentioned yesterday then I will have to consider this and possibly use 
a few of the sponsored bottles of champagne to cater for that functions drinks. 
I had assumed you may only have 20 people in there tops, Anyways please just 
give me an estimation so we can sort it out
  Dependant on your theme I would like to know if you would like me to source 
some entertainment ie Oriental maybe I could get some ninja’s doing something 
cool or something….Hmm, Anyways……
 Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!


Joseph Marafioti 

Senior Business Development Coordinator

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