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  • Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 09:32:51 -0000


I would like you to go into detail as to what is included in the Half Life
Mod kit.  What tools are available to use to make the MOD?  How will these
tools be used to make the MOD?  What are the functions that we will be

I know it is difficult to write about these for the "layman" but you don't
have to go into detail about parameters.  Just discuss what they do.
Utilize Kunal, as he seems to be familiar with some of the functionality.
Don't be afraid to go into detail about how the MOD engine works.

I'm not concerned with the development environment.  Ultimately I want to
read this and be able to understand what you guys will be doing to make the
game given the resources you have.  So if I, as an outsider, wanted to jump
in and start helping, I could without having to go through the resources you
did to catch up.  Does this clarify things?

Jim Verhaeghe
Contract Game Developer

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Hi Jim

I've been struggling with the TDD and have barely come up with
anything worth showing (about a page to be exact).

I've tried to keep it in laymen's terms, and without documenting the
source files this attachement is all that I have. I remember you
saying about answering the questions as to what is technically
possible and what is not? I believe that this question has already
been answered as everything appears to already be there.

Enjoy yourself today, of course, but I'd really appreciate some
pointers please mate!

Happy New Year again!


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