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*Baby *obviously.
The more I think about this, the more I think it should descend from a "weapon" over a pickup able physics object, with the Fire & SFire changed to "Lulby" and "Put down". Physic objects don't get hands, or "commands". And having a lulby key with no baby does not make sense.
/If/ we can change the behavour of a weapon when on the ground, then we could also use it for that, but I agree with Chris, a second object inheriting from one of the npc ally classes.
Does/should the baby auto-pick up?
If the baby has two objects, we'll possible need a 3rd (singleton?/global vars/...) to handle shared vars.
Either fire on baby, or a extra command.
Remove the huds dependency on the suit, but add the concept of different playable people, with different HUDs. If pen & anna should have different HUDs (I think they should).
*Play a Video*
For the Comic-eque cut-sence. Or have it map based with a large set of squares, each texture mapped to a different frame of the comic.
From the GDD, all we need for this is to set the model on a default NPC, as it will be completely scripted.
*Admin: Set up version control*

Anything else? And who wants what?

Michael Lloyd Lee

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