[IGDA LCPP] Re: Compilation Successful!

  • From: "Kunal Gandhi" <kunal.gandhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <igda_lcpp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 20:20:34 -0000

Sure Dean no probs, is there already a document that you have created? Ie is
there a particular format that you would like me to conform to for


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Kunal! I bow to thee! :D

Would you be able to write up your findings a little, please? 

Great stuff, mate!


On Tue, 4 Jan 2005 17:32:48 -0000, Kunal Gandhi
<kunal.gandhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dean, Mike,
> I compiled the source sdk code successfully. Running the compilation I
> that its for debugging our mod .exe ie "xyz.exe".
> I suppose Dean, if you haven't added that to the TDD you can do so. We can
> use this to track our vars and stuff once we compile and execute our first
> xyz map. I am finally beginning to see where "our" code will fit into this
> and how we can use the available features ie, the special effects
> programming, physics and AI. It's mainly all done with the 3 types of
> entities which we "register" with the sdk and tie it with our newly
> models etc. Dean I know you kind of already know all this as I remember
> mentioning the fact that we only need to tweak the parameters. This is
> to an extent, but when we create our own entities we kind of need to tweak
> around 10000 parameters for each one of our entities along with writing
> of our own code that makes these entities behave like we want them to,
> is going to be a bit of a mission. There's a hell of a lot of learning for
> me to do still, I've only just dipped my toe into the water!

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