[IGDA LCPP] Re: Ack!

  • From: Kunal Gandhi <mr.kunal.gandhi@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: igda_lcpp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005 19:24:11 +0000

I've not done much either I'm afraid, there are just not enough hours
between work and work! I'm finding it very difficult to make tech
notes to be honest. For instance, initially I thought the intro
training level described in the GDD will enable me to document what we
want to use from the sdk for our game. But there is just so much
information in the source code its overwhelming. I looked at MLK's
GameEntity doc and thats fine, as its a BaseEntity class we know we're
going to have to use it, and the information provided by MLK is
concise and pertinent. I've chosen to do graphics, and I was looking
thru the graphics classes. I've come across bump-map code,
pixel/vertex shader code, lighting code, but are we going to use all
of this? Also most of the visual effects will probably done by the
artists using SoftImage and Hammer, and then Mickey will tell the
artists his vision, the artists will do that, and then the artists
will tell the programmers to tweak the stuff that their beer cannot
reach. I guess here I'm asking Jim, can we getaway with just "doc"ing
the basics right now? ie we know we need a base entity and the built
in renderer and thats it. And then we can doc the physics and special
effects programming later?


On Mon, 07 Mar 2005 16:19:02 +0000, Michael Lloyd Lee <mlk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I think, giving the very limited time span left, we should post
> > regular status reports; as such we should all post a quick email by
> > 11pm Monday. Even if it is "Busy on other stuff".
> Alas, I've not done as much as I'd like. How is everyone else getting on?
> http://j2mevnc.sourceforge.net/xyz/index.php/BaseEntity
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