• From: Michael Lloyd Lee <mlk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: igda_lcpp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 20:55:40 +0000

14 days! Gahhh... *Panic*!?

We need to pull our fingers out.

How is everyone with the SDK? I take it we've all got the basics down?

IMO the TDD needs:
1) a section on Sources Client/Server model.
2) a section on Sources IO system.
3) the base classes (and ONLY the base classes, HL2 specific stuff
should NOT be included). Only the key methods (ones we are likely
to need should be doced) So that is (not a complete list)
3.1 ) BaseEnitiy
3.2 ) BaseAnimating, BaseAnimatingOverlay, BaseFlex (the latter two prob.
only require class overviews, but not looked into in detail)
3.3 ) BaseCombatCharacter
3.4 ) BaseCombatWeapon + mini-howto on adding?
3.5 ) AI_BaseNPC
3.6 ) Item
3.7 ) DefaultPlayerPickupVPhysics (guessing class overview only)
3.8 ) GameRules & GameRulesProxy
3.9 ) GameMovement (class overview, as it is likely we shall be using default HL2 one)
3.10) BasePlayer
3.11) Globals /yurk/
4) Overview of AI system
4.1) AI relation ship table
4.2) Squads (AI_Squad class)
4.3) ...
6) Overview on Sources gameloop, SetThink/Think funcs.
5) Overview of vehicle system, howto on adding new?
6) Overview on vGUI, and the HUD
7) (no offense Dean) a redesign, it is (IMO) too focused
on docing Source. The current content would stay,
but as a subsection, my suggestion:

   _*XYZ Title*_
   /3rd Party apps used/

       Version Control System
       VS .Net 2003/maybe oneline on VC++6
       Any other apps we end up using (office?, phpwiki?).
       Do we include the apps artists will use?

   /Stuff We Need To Do, and how/. (see this
   for some more of my thoughts on this section)

       Player extras/switching between players/calmness level/...

           Anna (when you are Pen)
           Pen (when you are anna)
           Generic Zombie Male #1
           Zombie Birds
           Other Police

       New Commands

           Calm down


So, lets get going. First, docing Source. Everyone choose a class, post which your doing, and get it done.
Does anyone have any particular hobbies? AI? Great, work on that. Graphics, great, fill out the client section! Something that is missing from my overview above.
Also, do we need to provide documents on exporting models to use in the game? If so, lets look in it. What hoops do we need to jump through for weapons and ppl?

Finally, I'm going to have a hell a time over the next few months. Everything not directly related to getting my g/f well has to take a back seat. On top of that, my company is merging. This means a move to days at some point soon (for the last few weeks most of my time at work as been spend looking over the HL2 source code, I'm guessing once I have a boss (/yurk /again :-) ) around, I'm not going to be able too, plus I have to learn a new system), and a loss of 1.5 days weekend (every other Thursday, and Friday). I also really do need to step up my job hunting efforts (really don't like what I'm being offered). So have to sit down and actually finish a few of my J2ME games, instead of leaving them in the woo-funky-demo-no-game-stuff-done/works-for-me state. I'm not pulling out, I really want to be of use to this project (even with my appalling C++ skills), but my time is going to be more limited that I would of liked.


Michael Lloyd Lee

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