[iespell] ANN: ieSpell v2.0 (build 577) released!

  • From: "Sidney@ieSpell" <sidney@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <iespell-ann@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <iespell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 00:02:44 +0800

Hi all,

The official release of ieSpell version 2.0 is out now! New features
found in this release include:

*major code refactoring to facilitate upcoming features 
*allow user to create/add/remove custom dictionaries 
*allow user to edit contents of custom dictionaries easily thru'
built-in UI 
*allow user to select more than one custom dictionaries 
*custom dictionaries can be located anywhere in the file system hence
you may even share them over the network using UNC! 
*share your custom dictionary with Microsoft Word! 
*new spell check option added - ignore words with numbers (e.g. Win95) 
*new spell check option added - ignore html markups and escape sequences
(e.g. <br>, &nsbp;) 
*added online lookup of word feature (Useful if you have always wondered
what that strange looking word in the suggestion list means!) 
*ieSpell now ignores html text boxes that are hidden on the page 
*added a licensing module for users to register their licensed copy of
*and a whole lot more! 

Along with this new release, we have also revised our licensing policy
alittle; ieSpell is still FREE for personal use, but all other use
requires a commercial license.

Oh, did I mention that v2.0 is a free upgrade for our v1.x commercial
users? YES! If you have purchased ieSpell previously and do not hear
from us within a week, please drop us a mail to get your personalized


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