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Bok ljudi, 
nadam se da nova mailing lista radi :D i da cete svi dobiti ovaj mail :) 
Hvala Igoru Belsi na trudu oko liste!

Forwardam mail koji sa dobila od nase Jelene Bozek:

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From: Jelena Bozek
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nadam se da si se odmorila i naspavala. :)
U nastavku je mail koji ako ti se da mo?e? proslijediti
studentima, a ako ne stigne?, nema veze. :)



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Subject: IBM CEO Student Survey

Dear Ms. Bozek,

IBM is focused on creating a Smarter Planet for everyone.  As the world
grapples with global integration on a grand scale -? economically,
technically and socially -- being connected is not sufficient. We also have
to infuse intelligence into our systems and ways of working. The world has
become flatter and smaller. Now it must become smarter.  For IBM this
involves an ongoing dialogue with business and society.  For the past six
years we have included in that dialogue a biennial survey with more than a
thousand CEOs around the globe, something we call "The Global CEO Study."
The insights from these studies have been key to understanding the global
challenges and opportunities IBM can help its clients address.

This year, we are planning to include a survey of "future CEOs" -- more
than a thousand students around the globe -- to lend their perspective on
future trends, topics such as globalization, leadership and more.  We would
very much like to include your students in this survey and discussion.
Would you be interested in engaging them on this topic?  We were hoping you
could pass this survey link onto them in class or via email.  The survey
will take about 25 minutes to complete. In addition, we are happy to
provide background material on previous CEO studies and our vision for a
"Smarter Planet."  The survey link is attached below.

We really appreciate your support on this.  We will provide you and your
students with the published study later in the spring.

Below you can find the link to the survey, an introductory presentation on
the CEO Student Survey and the results of our 2008 CEO study.


(See attached file: ceostudy2008_fullrep.pdf)

Please have all surveys completed in the next several weeks (until December
24) so that the data can be included in our analysis.

We are looking forward to working with you and your students.


Kresimir Lugaric
Manager of Special Projects

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Software Group
Miramarska 23
10000 Zagreb - HR

t +385 1 6308567
f +385 1 6111119
m +385 91 6308567
e kresimir.lugaric@xxxxxxxxxx

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