IEEE Exec: The IEEE @ VU Grad School Panel

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Hello All,

You should have all received the email advertising the IEEE @ VU Grad School
Expose´ event on Friday, April 4, 2003 @ 12:30pm in Tolentine 305.

We are excited to have a diverse panel that should be able to address a wide
range of grad school issues.  The panelists and their "focus areas" are
listed below.  We'd like to have each panelist give a few minute intro to
their respective topics, even talking on their own experiences, in an effort
to lay the groundwork for questions from the audience.  Beyond that, we're
going to rely on a combination of the audience, the moderators, and the
panelists themselves to keep conversation flowing for about an hour.  Should
be quite informative!

Dr. Kevin Buckley - Professor, Villanova University
TOPIC: Graduate Research/Teaching Programs

Dr. Julia Bukowski - Professor, Villanova University
TOPIC: International Graduate Education

Dr. Edward McAssey - Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Villanova
TOPIC: 5-Year Programs & The Importance of Graduate Education

David Mennerich - Part-Time Graduate Student at UPenn via Engineering
Leadership Development Program, Lockheed Martin Management & Data Systems
TOPIC: Corporate-Sponsored Part-Time Grad School Outside of Villanova

Jason Zola - Full-Time Graduate Student, Villanova University
TOPIC:  Why full-time grad school?  Why Villanova?

That should do it!  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Thanks in advance to our panelists.

Sean T. Brady
Chair, IEEE @ VU
Villanova University

phone: 610.526.9486
e-mail: sean.brady@xxxxxxxx

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