IEEE Exec: Still Alive?

  • From: "Sean T. Brady" <sean@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <ieee-exec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 02:01:52 -0500

Hey Boys and Girls,

I know we've all been buried for weeks now, but I want to be sure that all
of our great ideas from the first two meetings of the semester don't go to
waste... so keep your thinking caps on and we'll get some new things going
soon enough (I'm thinking about meeting next week sometime).

In the meantime, I've been in close contact with Kevin O'Hanlon, the student
branch representative for the IEEE Philadelphia Section.  I got the
following information:

"Moshe Kam, the Drexel IEEE faculty advisor, is planning an IEEE meeting
February 22 in the Drexel Faculty Club. It will be open to all student
branches. This meeting will be between students and IEEE Philadelphia
section leaders and is intended to help improve communication between the
two groups. You can use this meeting as an opportunity to air any grievances
you have directly with those in charge of the section. Positive feedback is
also encouraged."

I'd like to have one or two of us there... any takers?

Also, the Philadelphia Section is looking for students to help redesign the
section website... any takers?  I'll be opening this up to the membership

That's all for now.


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