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        Well, when I talked to many of the sophomore EE's and CPE's at 
the end of last year, they all seemed to not really know that IEEE 
existed, or what it was.  That?s why I think that, even if it won't 
look good on their résumé's because they would only be in the IEEE for 
two years, it still is a valuable resource to them for finding out more 
about electrical and computer engineering in terms of finding out about 
careers and new fields.  And junior year is the most valuable year when 
it comes to finding a direction within the major for senior year.  
Anyway, that was what I was thinking.  

Later guys,
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From: "Michael Turletes" <michael.turletes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Saturday, August 3, 2002 0:09 am
Subject: IEEE Exec: recruiting

> Hey,
> For your information, there are presentations towards the end of 
> the 
> spring semester regarding major choices. (There is a "suggested 
> day" 
> for declaration but in reality that date is extended through the 
> summer 
> where the student can change his or her curriculum up until the 
> first 
> day of class.)   I wouldn't plan too big of a turnout for those 
> events 
> though. We could say a few words at the presentation but don't 
> plan on 
> more than 3 or 4 students expressing interest in the society right 
> away.  Students still haven't completely decided on majors and 
> most 
> won't be thinking that far ahead (in terms of professional soc.).  
> For 
> that new class however (meaning those who will be Soph. in the 
> fall), 
> the best time to recruit would be in the first month of school in 
> the 
> Fundamental I class and again in the spring during Fundamentals II 
> class.  By that time, students have decided for or against their 
> major.  People are most excited about things when they start to 
> get 
> involved....hitting the EE/CPE fundamental classes in my mind 
> would be 
> the best way to increase numbers.  I also don't believe you will 
> receive a huge turnout with a presentation for those who will be 
> Juniors this fall.  By this time, most students have picked what 
> they 
> want or what they don't want in terms of on campus activities.  I 
> don't 
> think it would be worthless but please keep in mind I don't think 
> we 
> would get a large yield. (Just don't get bummed out if we don't 
> have a 
> high turnover.)
> Big final exam tomorrow and then I am finally going home!
> Turletes
> PS: Capuzzi is on vacation till Monday. FYI

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