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  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 20:05:06 -0500

IEEE Execs:

My response to Kyle can be found below.  The only responses that have been
received by 8pm tonight were from Pirone, Kyle, Dr. Singh, and Myself.
Kyle, we'll talk tonight to see if we can further discuss the issue.  I'll
email everyone again with the resolution.

Here's my view:

> I'm not so sure I like the idea of combining this event with the
> ACM...I know speaking for myself that I am not interested in going to
> grad school for computer science and really wouldn't want to hear a
> presentation predominantly directed towards CS majors as I am sure an
> event put together by the ACM with input from the IEEE at the very
> last minute would entail.
Neither our event nor the ACM's event would be directed strictly towards
engineering or computer science.  Both myself (I don¹t know about the rest
of the IEEE) and the ACM feel that a discussion about TECHNICAL grad school
would be largely the same no matter if the audience is EE, CPE, CS, or MIS

> I know that there is a tremendous interest in this event amongst the
> junior class and we would be able to support our own event.  Plus -
> aren't we trying to spend our money?? Having our own event would get
> rid of a bit more of it that sponsoring a co-event.
I'm not as concerned about using our budget as much as I am about pulling of
a valuable event and building a good relationship with the ACM.

>It just sounds like it's a cop-out to not have our own.
You say cop-out, I say synergy...

>I feel that we need to present ECE grad school options.
See above.  Also, how are ECE grad school options different from CS grad
school options.  As far as I can see, these are the options no matter the
technical major:
-5 year program
-full time grad school
-part time grad school
-international grad school

> ~Kyle
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Sean Brady" <sean.brady@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Thursday, March 27, 2003 4:18 pm
> Subject: IEEE Exec: URGENT
>> Hello IEEE @ VU Executives,
>> I need some feedback ASAP, so please read on:
>> Our plans for the remainder of the semester include a panel of
>> speakers on
>> graduate school options, a field trip to a solar cell
>> manufacturing plant,
>> and elections.  First things first.  The grad school event was
>> tentativelyscheduled for tomorrow and was pushed back a week to
>> next Friday.  We are
>> still in the process of getting the panel together in addition to
>> our PR
>> materials.  Per our new policy on keeping in touch with ACM, the
>> event was
>> mentioned and we found out that they are holding EXACTLY THE SAME
>> EVENT this
>> coming Monday at 7:30pm.  My instinct tells me to not duplicate
>> the effort
>> and instead augment their event with one or two of our panelists
> while
>> cross-promoting to a larger technical audience.  What do you all
>> think??We'd need to do a quick and effective PR campaign emailing,
>> hanging posters
>> and informing professors both tomorrow and Monday mornings.  I'd
>> also need
>> to pull in one or two panelists for Monday night.  Are we up for
> this?
>> Regardless of the date, this is the delegation for this event:
>> Sean - panelists & email PR
>> Kyle - create posters and send to Ken
>> Ken - hang posters (on Friday and Monday if we do the ACM thing)
>> Amy - place packets of posters in prof's mailboxes who have
>> classes that
>> cover all COMPUTER AND ELECTRICAL sophomores, juniors, and seniors
>> with a
>> cover letter asking them VERY NICELY to hand it out to a specific
>> class on
>> behalf of the IEEE (you should only need 5 or so classes to cover
> most
>> everyone... contact seniors and juniors to figure out what classes
>> those may
>> be)
>> Colin - come up with questions for each of us to ask the panelists
>> in case
>> the audience goes silent
>> Deep - purchase door prize for event.. the ACM is doing books.. be
>> creative.. last event they gave out a WinTV card
>> Pirone - do what you've been doing all year :-)
>> Thanks everyone!  Sorry for the hurried nature of all this.
>> Please send me feedback by 8pm tonight.  I will email later
>> regarding the
>> remaining events.
>> Sean

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