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  • Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 16:32:51 -0500

I say go for the Monday night, but I will be in Knoxville so I will look
forward to hearing how it went.

P.S. Does that qualify as doing "what i've been doing all year"? :-)
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> Hello IEEE @ VU Executives,
> I need some feedback ASAP, so please read on:
> Our plans for the remainder of the semester include a panel of speakers on
> graduate school options, a field trip to a solar cell manufacturing plant,
> and elections.  First things first.  The grad school event was tentatively
> scheduled for tomorrow and was pushed back a week to next Friday.  We are
> still in the process of getting the panel together in addition to our PR
> materials.  Per our new policy on keeping in touch with ACM, the event was
> mentioned and we found out that they are holding EXACTLY THE SAME EVENT
> coming Monday at 7:30pm.  My instinct tells me to not duplicate the effort
> and instead augment their event with one or two of our panelists while
> cross-promoting to a larger technical audience.  What do you all think??
> We'd need to do a quick and effective PR campaign emailing, hanging
> and informing professors both tomorrow and Monday mornings.  I'd also need
> to pull in one or two panelists for Monday night.  Are we up for this?
> Regardless of the date, this is the delegation for this event:
> Sean - panelists & email PR
> Kyle - create posters and send to Ken
> Ken - hang posters (on Friday and Monday if we do the ACM thing)
> Amy - place packets of posters in prof's mailboxes who have classes that
> cover all COMPUTER AND ELECTRICAL sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a
> cover letter asking them VERY NICELY to hand it out to a specific class on
> behalf of the IEEE (you should only need 5 or so classes to cover most
> everyone... contact seniors and juniors to figure out what classes those
> be)
> Colin - come up with questions for each of us to ask the panelists in case
> the audience goes silent
> Deep - purchase door prize for event.. the ACM is doing books.. be
> creative.. last event they gave out a WinTV card
> Pirone - do what you've been doing all year :-)
> Thanks everyone!  Sorry for the hurried nature of all this.
> Please send me feedback by 8pm tonight.  I will email later regarding the
> remaining events.
> Sean

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