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  • Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 23:53:27 -0400

As you all may expect, I sincerely disagree with the assertions of both Mike
Pirone and Mike Turletes with regard to the frequency of the meetings and
events.  It should, however, be noted that recruiting is, in fact, our
number one priority this coming year.  Already, Evan has expressed
tremendous enthusiasm for taking the lead in this effort, especially among
the sophomore ECE students.  We should all anticipate hearing his ideas on
this matter by the end of the week.  Each of us should also develop our own
thoughts on recruiting to bring to the table.

With regard to the meeting and event frequency, the simple fact is that if
the organization is not taking an active role in providing benefits to our
existing members, then we have little to nothing to offer to new recruits.
As the current proposal stands, the executive board's commitment chimes in
at a whopping one hour per week, whereas members are being offered events
for one hour only twice per month.  In my opinion, we have no chance of
"swamping" our members with events by offering them bi-weekly.  As past
years have shown, any fewer events, and our members will lose interest,
seeing little benefit from being a ACTIVE member of the IEEE @ VU.
Moreover, with regularly scheduled meetings and events, we ensure that
essential momentum is maintained in order to secure the success of this
emerging organization.

A word on whining.  I do not feel the need to innumerate my various
commitments this coming semester, however I assure you that we are all very
busy individuals.  I would therefore expect each of us, as elected leaders,
to have fine-tuned our time management skills.  I do not feel that much more
needs to be said on this.

At the heart of our success is going to be this very executive board; and so
I want to be sure that we select a regular bi-weekly meeting time that we
can all attend.  It should be obvious that without the support of each and
every member of this board, all of our work will be in vain.

Look for a comprehensive email by the end of the week addressing all the
other questions that were raised.  Of course, cross-pollination of ideas is
encouraged, feel free to comment on any of these email exchanges.

Sean T. Brady

On 7/29/02 7:35 PM, "Michael Turletes" <michael.turletes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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> Subject  02-03 proposal
> Hey fellas,
> I agree with Mike about the meeting schedule. If we plan too many
> events people will burn out and not want to be involved. I also think,
> and I hope Mike agrees with me, before we can do anything we must bring
> up enrollment. And seriously, lets not take on too much. One of the
> hardest things about leading a group (I know from experience) is
> getting people out to the meetings and keeping them active. Personally
> I believe that our primary initiative should be to increase involvement
> and membership. I am not sure if a capped subsidy is the best way to
> do it. (I'm not totally against it, I am just curious where the idea
> came from.) I would also bring up some issues with the budget but I am
> sure Dr Singh will handle it.
> I, like Mike, will be very busy this semester. Since I have been a full
> time student this summer I will be taking on some type of part time
> job. I either may be on campus or elsewhere, I am not sure yet. I have
> 2 evening classes and meetings on Monday evenings. As of right now,
> daytime meetings would be more convenient but we will all have to sit
> down at the beginning of the school year.
> Have a good rest of summer,
> Mike
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