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  • Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 10:55:30 -0500

Hey All,

Engineer's Week is coming up during the week of Feb. 23rd.  Basically this
entails a series of displays and tables all week in the Connelly center.
See below for more info.  What are your thoughts on how we should represent
ECE?  Should we compile some senior design projects or just create a big
poster?  Would we be able to get volunteers to stand at the tables?


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Subject: Engineers' Week

Hi everyone!

I told you all at last Friday's ESC meeting that I would e-mail you
the times we have the lower level of the Connelly center reserved for
Engineers' Week.  Monday Feb. 23rd through Thursday Feb. 26th from 9
am - 5 pm we have space for 6, 6ft long tables.  One of these tables
will be reserved for the sophomore robotics competition display,
however depending of display space demand it may or may not be there
all 4 days.  The remainder of the tables can be shared and utilized in
whatever ways necessary to accommodate participating organization
displays.  Please respond to this e-mail by Wed. the 18th letting me
know what days and hours your organization plans to demonstrate its
bragging rights (you wouldn't be a successful engineering student
organization if you didn't have awesome and exciting projects, goals,
and member participation).  Also indicate whether your organization
needs to use a whole of half of a table.  I don't foresee having too
much space conflict, however, we can make schedule alterations as
necessary if you guys get back to me with these details.

Engineers' Week will be a great time to show your non-engineering
friends what you dedicate so much of your time and energy to in CEER
and how worth it it is.  Also, it'll be a great way to advertise your
organization (especially the new ones!) to other engineering students
to recruit new members.  If your feeling extra creative, remember that
you could make some kind of competition for passersby to participate
in that could perhaps be a small fund raising venue for your club
(ie. paper plane competition, or counting estimation jar--like how
many marbles are in a certain container but maybe something a little
more relative to engineering inside).

Finally, if you are going to have to leave large displays overnight in
the Connelly Center please make a quick call to Anetta 9-7273 (she
works for the scheduling department) and explain what it is.  She'll
be able to answer any related questions you might have.

Sorry for the lengthiness of this e-mail everyone.  I hope you all
have a good week.  Remember to start planning and get back to me
asap.  THANKS!

~Maggie Flynn
ESC Treasurer

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