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Hello Edward,
I've just bought myself the current copy of Linux User. It's got a full 
copy of Lindows OS4.5 included on the cover CD . Any experience ?

I tried installing over my Mandrake distribution. But unfortunately it's 
failed two install. Rsync error message. The machine is under specified at 
only 500MHz. Lindows say 800 minimum albeit I assume that's for performance 
as distinct from the ability to install or not. Still it's an old 
motherboard. So I'm currently in the process of upgrading to a new PC Chips 
motherboard with AMD1800 athlon. About £85 from ebuyer including RAM and 
heatsink. Hopefully any error messages should go away if there as a result 
of old hardware/speed issues! Basically the machine was too slow with 
Mandrake to make it appealing to sit at and play. As I understand it 
Lindows incorporates Wine, hence my interest in running. I'll let you know 
how I get on.

Best Regards,


At 21:11 17/03/2004, you wrote:
>Oops, wrote this on Sunday and forgot to send it!
>Dear All,
>I thought I'd just start a regular summary of news in Linux area. Not sure if
>anyone is interested in this... or what level of technical expertise to aim
>at. It's been quite an interesting week in terms of new software.
>A new version of the official Linux kernel came out this week. Version 2.6.4.
>The 2.6 series kernel is in theory the current stable series, although it has
>only been out for a couple of months and at the moment most people are still
>using the more thoroughly tested 2.4 series. I've been running it on my
>laptop recently and seems to run fairly well.
>In theory the 2.4 series is in maintenance now, with the only updates being
>bug fixes, new features will be in 2.6. A pre-release version of next version
>of 2.4 was also released (2.4.26-pre3), but unless you are interested in
>testing then it's unlikely to be worth getting it.
>To download any version of the kernel, or to see a detailed change log for
>  the updates go to http://www.kernel.org.
>A new version of the Windows Emulator has been released "Wine-20040309", of
>interest to most people will probably be improvements to some areas of
>multimedia support. To download it go to http://www.winehq.org.
>ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
>A minor update was released that prevents a crash when it's compiled with
>certain versions of GCC. Personally I hadn't seen a problem. To get it go to
>http://www.alsa-project.org. Note that ALSA is provided as an integrated part
>of the 2.6 series kernel.
>KDE is one of the main Linux desktops, most people use either KDE or GNOME.
>This week KDE 3.2.1 was released, this version fixes a whole load of silly
>little bugs that were in 3.2. While I wouldn't have recommended 3.2, 3.2.1
>seems to run fine on my laptop. There are a number of fixes and enhancements
>in Konqueror (the KDE web browser) which improve the rendering of a number of
>sites (especially some using Microsoft extensions). The 3.2 series
>incorporates a number of fixes fed back from Apple (who are using Konqueror
>as the basis of their Safari browser on MacOS X). Another change that users
>are likely to notice is the inclusion of Kontact, which combines email,
>calendaring, address book, notes etc into one application - like Evolution or
>Outlook , so you now have a single program to access these features in one
>place rather than separate applications.
>Most Linux distributions are currently shipping with 3.1.x series of KDE, if
>you don't want to upgrade yourself then it is likely that distributions will
>be shipping with 3.2.x in the next few months.
>For details and to download go to http://www.kde.org. If you are using SuSE
>Linux 9 then go directly to
>A pre-release of the new GNOME desktop was made (2.5.91). I haven't had a
>chance to try it yet, but if you are interested go to
>Other news.
>If you've got a Centrino laptop then you may be interested to know that an
>Intel sponsored project has been released which starts to provide an Open
>Source driver for the Wireless component of Centrino systems. At the moment
>it has basic functionality (I've used it to browse the web), although it
>doesn't currently support WEP. For info or to download go to
>Up until now it has only been possible to use a non-free binary only driver
>for this wireless card - if you need the fairly full functionality right now
>that the binary driver provides then go to
>I'll see about doing this weekly, but it all depends on finding the time and
>if anyone is interested! If anyone else has seen any other interesting Linux
>news then please let me know.

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