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Sue, if you select the little box to the left of the "out of date
shapes" text, it'll bring up the screen on the right. It'll tell you
which shape(s) are out of date, what layer they're on, and give you a
coordinate to look at. Makes finding them much easier. You can also get
this same information from the "Shape Dynamic State" report.





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I did had one of these last week. I had just upgraded to the latest ISR
15.5.1, and all of a sudden you get this message, drc out of date no
matter how many times you run it. In my case, I had an out of date shape
that was causing this. On my board the shape was very small and did not
fill, so it was very difficult to find. 



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Hey guys,


Allegro 610 Expert, Windows XP Pro.


Well, my design has become "possessed"!


No matter what I do, the Status shows DRC errors as "Out Of Date" with 0


- I ran Tools -> Database Check (both checked), passed squeaky clean.


- I ran Tools -> Update DRC, resulting in "No DRC errors detected".


- I ran "Update DRC" from Drawing Options window, Status tab, also
resulting in "No DRC errors detected".


- I got out of Allegro, got back in, then I repeated the above.


Anyone ever see this one?  In all my years using this tool, I've never
seen the DRC errors stay "Out Of Date" after updating.


Thanks for any help!





Gary E. MacIndoe
PCB Design Engineer
Fort Collins, Colorado




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