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For what it's worth, I have heard this is supposed to be fixed in 15.5 or
15.5.1.  I haven't tried 15.5 yet so your mileage may vary :)
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This is strange but FYI for everyone.
What I did was had to delete my folder the board was in and create a new
folder with a different name.
Save the .brd file in it then ran the gerbers. Strange but it worked.
A Microsoft issue I think.

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maybe your file name or folder name(your project path) have some illegal
space or character, try to correct the them.hope this can help.

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Hi all,
Anyone come across this problem?
When I try to create my RS274X gerbers I get an error message:
"photoplot.log does not exist."
Then kicks me out.
I tried it on other boards and didn't have this problem. First time I've
come across it.
Any clues would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


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