[PCB_FORUM] Re: dynamic guides... did they change or what?

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 13:57:25 -0700


I've been on 15.1 for months and have just moved to 15.2.  Yes on 15.2 the
rats do show when you move a part off of its connection (even if you have
all rats turned off).  I can't remember if you can modify this behavior or
not, other than putting a "NO_RAT" property on the net.
Check for this, Edit -> Properties, turn on Nets under the Find tab then
click on the pin of the part you think should be ratting.  If the NO_RAT
property is, it will show up in the Show Properties window.

The ref des popping up thing looks to be new.  I virtually always have the
ref des visible when moving parts (just run a quick script), so I don't know
when this *feature* was added, 15.1?  When I tried out this feature, the
symbol ref des on "Ref Des/Assembly_Top" became visible during the moving
action (as opposed to the "Ref Des/Silkscreen_Top", the other typical
"official" ref des).  I would guess that you don't have a choice in which
ref des temporarily becomes visible, why would it matter?

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  Seems to me guides used to rubberband or snap to a pin as one moved the
parts about...  I am using 15.2.  Did something change or is there a setting
I missed, or am I simply remembering a different tool?

  I have noticed that the ref des pops up when moving parts too...  that is
a new action.  What layer (group subgroup) must the refdes be on for this?
(sure, I can just change colors and look...  ) Is there any control of this?

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