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I think you misunderstood Patrick. I received an email from Cadence that they are starting a support group:


I believe that was what his email was about.

Walter Boese Jr.
PCB Designer - SGI

Andy_Kulik@xxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Patrick,

Please let me correct the statement of the age of this list.
The icu-pcb-forum has been around for a while and was originally hosted on topica.com.
Due to advertisments in the posts we decided to find a new home for the icu-pcb-forum. Freelists.org.
In other words, this forum is NOT in its infancy neither is it young. On the other hand, taking Einsteins Theory of Relativity into
account, well RELATIVE to the date we moved this forum onto freelists.org, yes you might consider it young.....

Best Regards

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09/17/2004 09:23 AM
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I just signed up for this to see what it was like, and it's obviously in its infancy. Anybody know what this is all about? It's true that this icu-pcb-forum is not as prolific as some others I'm on, but I don't see why Cadence thinks they will do better. It's my guess that the existing forum will get a lot stronger to the degree that Cadence tech support gets weaker. That's certainly the situation with PADS.

Patrick Westfeldt, Jr.
North Boulder Circuit Design
c 720-272-5822

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