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Do you have a link describing bead probe technology?


Dave Seymour

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Hi Eileen..

Yes, I've done several designs using beadprobes. They are a PCB designers dream 

The bp is via.. the one I am using has 20x5 etch, soldermask and solderpaste 
pad. In addition, I use the filmmask layer to add another pad, 25x7, which is 
used by the fabricator for a mask to apply the beads. These sizes were used for 
100 mil spaced bead probes.

I placed these guys right on super high speed diff pairs, top and bottom layers 
to eliminate the need for via stubs.

Agilent has some documentation available for recommended sizes.. as like 
standard testpoints, the size of the bead probe will vary with the size of the 
test head.

I would suggest that you contact your testhouse to get their specific 
requirements... best of luck!

Kathy Descoteaux
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Subject: [PCB_FORUM] bead probe
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Any one has board design for Bead probe?
What are the size for padstack, solder mask/paste mask and clearance set for 
bead probe ?
Is this being added as a part or Via and if it's added in schematic.

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