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Auto filleting works only with XL licence, not performance.





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Thanks for the response Jerry.

I have the "Pad And T Connection Fillet" window for gloss parameters set up 
exactly as you do (same boxes checked or unchecked and same values in fields), 
but my "Dynamic fillets" near the bottom is grayed out. Hmmm...


Gary MacIndoe

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        It appears that you have dynamic fillets turned on.


        Go to route/gloss parameters and select the pad and T fillet connection 

        Then deselect dynamic fillets.









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        Hey guys,


        I'm running 16.2 "Allegro PCB Performance option L" on Windows XP Pro.


        I haven't been using 16.2 for long, but all of a sudden I'm seeing what 
looks like some kind of auto glossing:





        I have never run gloss (I leave it up to the fab house to add it if 
necessary), nor have I seen this behavior in 15.7.

        I've poked around in User Preferences and can't find where to turn it 

        Anyone know how to stop this glossing from happening?




        Gary MacIndoe

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