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Been mask vias on both sides with immersion gold boards for many years. It all 
depends on if your mission is to put additional plating down the barrel of the 
via or not. 70% of the industry masks over vias both sides (consumer products). 
The rest are medical, space and military applications....they require 
additional plating for reliability.


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you can't mask a via on both sides assuming the gold fingers are on double 
sides.  via fill first, then mask.

if you want to save cost, encroach the via mask opening 6 mil larger than the 
drill and shift via far enough from the gold.


On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 8:00 AM, Mark Salberg 
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Hi Mashak,
Thanks for the reply.
Does "close the mask" mean "tent the vias"?
Why would it cost more to allow vias to plate?


On 3/28/2011 9:41 AM, Maqbool, Mashak (GE Energy) wrote:

Just close the mask for the Vias which are close to the Gold Fingers. This will 
save you additional cost.

Mashak Maqbool

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Subject: [PCB_FORUM] Vias too close to Gold plated edge connectors
Hi all,
Can anyone tell me concerns about vias being "too close" (.8mm or .031") to 
gold plated edge connectors in PCB fabrication?
I know that vias "too close" will be plated Nickel / gold. Does this create any 
concerns of integrity?
I would like to minimize redundant replies from vendors which delay the 
Any feedback is appreciated.


See image below.
We have a via keep out in our lib parts set to 20 mil above plated pins. Our 
vendor response is as follows:
The via solder mask opening is too close to the gold fingers, so it will be 
plated Ni, Au.
And also the via pad will have immersion gold when we are plating surface 
We suggest to cancel the via holes solder mask opening where the distance is 
less than 0.8mm to the gold fingers.

Their suggestion is:
A. Accept our suggestion.
B. Follow Gerber, but accept the via pads will be plated Ni, Au.

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