[PCB_FORUM] Re: Syntax error in 15.5 router

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  • Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 11:18:43 -0400

Yes, I created a test project in 15.5 and the commands worked in that project.

Daniel So wrote:

If it worked before in v15.2 and now exporting back to v15.2 it does
not. Maybe there were some changes to the netlist list where a net name
has characters that Specctra does not like.

Does the commands (route, fanout, smart_route) work on a different dsn

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With your feedback and not having the database, I've not encountered this myself. This sounds like this particular database needs to reviewed with Cadence.


At 05:36 PM 10/17/2005, you wrote:

I have 15.5 s017 on Windows XP.
I exported the board file from 15.5 back to 15.2 and opened it outside of the project in Allegro 15.2. Then I generated a dsn file

form it.

I opened the dsn file in PCB Router v 15.2 and still had the same problem (commands would not work).
I created a test project that had 2 parts in 15.5 and it worked just



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