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On Wed Nov  1 11:43:41 2006, george.h.patrick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:


Will this mean there will be an ODB++ to Allegro database converter in
the works?

not likely but not impossible. It is extremely difficult to bring a complete database into Allegro since the Allegro DB is very strict. ODB++ need not necessarily contain all the info one needs to create a basic Allegro database. As a mininum to get into Allegro you need:

Allegro                     Present in ODB++

netlist                     (optional part of ODB++)
component defn              (again, optional)
component placement         (optional)
pins                        (optional)
layers                      (normally included)
vias                        (optional)
conductors                  (included)

We're going to focus on the physical conductor part of ODB++ which includes the layers of your circuit and the ability to mix multiple circuits into stepped patterns. It is mostly of interest to the PCB manufacturers and less to designers.

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