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  • From: Dave Seymour <dave.seymour@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 11:42:07 -0500

One idea would be to map each page to a letter (or combo)
and loose the "_"

page 1 = A  - circuit A
------> page under AA
------> page under AB
page 2 = B
page 3= etc....
page 10 =  K ( reducing 2 characters to one.)

Then the ref des could be RNABXXX, which is seven characters.
This method will give 999 refdes per page or RNABCXX gives
99 per page.

Or some sort of  theme and variation.

Your lucky, I only get 5 characters for a refdes.

Hope this helps.

Ron Dallas wrote:

We have some designs that need up to 3 nested lower levels of hierarchy to efficiently represent. The lowest level is a 'channel'. The next up is a group of 4 channels plus some control logic. Then there is a group of 16 of these plus some control logic. And the toplevel has several of these groups.

This gives us reference designators like RN11_3_10_6, which is 11 characters long. Our manufacturing folks say they have a limit of 7 characters for reference designators.

Any ideas on how to address this? We could 'rename' all the reference designators in the design, but that means we lose the benefit of hierarchy when developing test fixtures and debugging designs.

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