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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:00:49 -0500

I'm still in 15.1 my Co-worker has upgraded to 15.2, we run Allegro on
both the PC & Sun Stations, we have always had some problems with lines,
shapes, vias, that appear/disappear, on both the PC & SUN, vs how far
you zoom in. I think it's more related to the video card instead of
A setting that greatly effects this on my station is
"Display_raster_ops" goto setup, user preferences, display, and toggle
"Display_raster_ops" on/ off see which works best for you.


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        Subject: [PCB_FORUM] Disappearing lines
        Hello All
        I have a question on disappearing lines (not clines).  I am on
15.2 running on XP.  When I zoom in close lines disappear, is there some
setting that I am missing or is this just a lovely feature.
        Thanks in advance for all your help.

        Bobby Mosley

        PCB Designer





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