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If you have your last saved database or better yet an even newer autosave
database and your journal file then yes you can generate a replay script
that will rerun  the commands. The journal file (.jrl) will need to be
parsed out to include all command after the latest save and only include
the command lines as the other lines in the .jrl file are comments only and
will cause your replay script to fail. The command lines all begin with \i
and the comments all begin with \t. Once you have created the script from
the .jrl then you can replay it using File-Script-Replay.
Note of caution: Do not try reopening your current database without copying
your database or autosave and the journal file to a safe location. If you
do reopen the database you chance over-writing the journal data and then
you will never be able to recover your lost commands.
If you need help with this task you can contact me directly via my work
Tony Cosentino
Tekelec - PCB Design Engineer
5200 Paramount Parkway
Morrisville, NC 27560
919-460-3656 Work
919-414-2083 Cell

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Is there any way to  retrieve board file.I was working on a layout but
suddenly  allegro crashed & my entire work is gone.
I have .jrl file in  my folder tat shows almost same time when application
Anyone nows how  to get that done.
Thanks in  advance.

Trilok Budathoki
GE - India Business Center
(: 91-40-27881731(Direct)
* : trilok.budathoki@xxxxxx

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