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Hi Jean,
This is possible to do. You can select Pin and then go for edit - properties 
and then set your Dyn_Max_Thermal_conns as 8 . This will change only selected 
pins as 8 way thermal connection and the rest pins will have the default 
setting what ever you are defining in shape parameters.
Hope this will help you.
Thanks and Regards

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Does setting Dyn_Min_Thermal_Conns = 8 and Dyn_Max_Thermal_Conns = 8 on the pin 

Jean Bratton wrote: 

Hi folks,

I have a surface mount DC-DC Converter with round pads which I would like to 
connect to a top surface plane with an 8-way connection. I can get it to work 
if I choose the "8 way connect" under the shape parameters for smd pins, but I 
really don't want all my smd pins to follow this rule, just this pin. I've 
tried to attach the Dyn_Thermal_Con_Type = 8_way and/or the 
Dyn_thermal_Best_Fit = True properties to the pin, but I still only get 4 
connections. Any idea what else I might try?
Thanks for the help!


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