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  • Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 19:31:02 GMT

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>> I would like to insert some screen shots from windows in a TW document,
>> export as PDF and print it on a laser printer.

>> But when I try that, the image quality is really awfull, sometimes it is not
>> possible to read the text of the screen shot windows when printed out.
>> [...]
>> Export as PDF with setting of graphics output quality =
>> highest results in a good looking PDF (Adobe PDF viwer). But printing this
>> PDF leads to bad quality again which is strange to me as I experienced the
>> opposite effect often where the document is not shown correctly on
>> screen but
>> prints out nicely.

> This problem is typically caused by bitmaps with 256 colours or less.
> If yours are of this type then the results are not surprising. This is
> the well known PostScript printer driver issue: The PS driver makes a
> mess of such bitmaps.

> Martin

I regularly do training/teaching illustrated notes, but use RDPclient 
so the Windows screen is on the Iyonix. Paint (snapshot) then does its 
job well with the graphics and notes in Textease Studio Plus, printed 
to PDF.

Best wishes

Dave Wisnia, Leeds, UK

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