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> Has anyone else had this problem?  I've had it from several people in
> recent months.

> When sending documents to non-RO users I convert them to PDF if they are
> not for editing, or Word if they are (eg contributions to a newsletter).
> Several people have come back asking me to re-save and re-send, because the
> file has been detected as suspicious.

Have they accidently been sent out with RISC OS file types? I have had 
that happen once or twice.

> There can't be any malware in a file generated by EW, and I can't believe
> that EW would add any content that wasn't necessary.  My suspicion is that
> the file is being scanned to find out what version of Word created it, and
> then checked to make sure it contains nothing inconsistent with that
> version.  Since an EW file doesn't contain such an identifier, it is
> failing the first part of the test.

> If I am right, I consider it arrogant of MS to assume that anything not
> created by MS is probably malicious.  I wonder whether it would reject
> files created by Open Office, or Apple's 'Pages'.

> The latest frightened recipient sent me this URL:


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