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  • From: Cyril Johnson <cjjohnson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 21:37:39 GMT

I reported last week on a problem I had on saving a maths formula from 
TWriter to WORD, and how I solved it by saving to RTF, and loading the 
RTF document into a blank TWriter document, when the formula was saved 

I have now discovered that the problem is something to do with line 
spacing. The  original TWriter doc, in 12pt Trinity, was to go to a 
journal for publication. It contained a single formula. The journal 
requires wide line spacing and I set it, in TWriter, with "Document 
body" selected to "Exactly 18 points" via FORMAT. I took a copy of the 
original document this evening, set line spacing to "Exactly 18 
points" and copied to WORD. Failure again - no formula. Changed line 
spacing to "At least 18 points" and it saved to WORD correctly.

Then I saved to RTF and loaded this into a blank TWriter, the line 
spacing of document body reverted to "Auto". With this line spacing 
saving to WORD got the equation correct. This seems to explain why 
saving to RTF  sorted it out.

The formula had just a "t" on the LHS and a fraction, with square 
roots in both the numerator and denominator, on the RHS.

Is this problem some sort of bug, or am I doing something wrongly?

Best wishes,

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