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jenny:  in this particular book, i can still get to the Navigation 
menu, but there is no phrase marker in there which, if i had it, would 
let me get from one side of the tape to the other, even though it 
doesn't indicate side one, etc.  On Sat, 5 Apr 2008 15:08:19 -0700, 
Jenny Axler wrote:

>Michael, I believe even those books taken from cassette tapes are 
>to be marked up.  You should still have navigation available.  If you 
>what does happen when you try to enter the navigation contents by 
>and holding Menu?
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>greetings all:
>first, i want to thank the Icon Team for all their hard work on this
>great update we just received in the past week.
>second, I just wanted to make some observations about the NLS book
>playing capabilities of the Icon.
>the downloading of NLS books to my import folder goes extremely well.
>it's not as fast as my regular computer, but then i don't expect it to
>be.  even so, it's still pretty fast.
>secondly, though the sound quality is pretty good, it's not as good as
>the quality on the VR stream.  this is only an observation and not a
>criticism.  i do not use my Icon as my primary method for reading NLS
>books; that belongs to the VR stream.  being able to read NLS books on
>my Icon is, for me, a convenience.
>it appears to me that the higher speed you choose for reading, the
>quality gets a little poorer.
>i am about to read an NLS book which was not marked up like the others
>but taken from a book already recorded on tape and see how this works.
>What i mean is that this is a book which was not originally digitally
>recorded.  i want to see if the phrase option exists which would give
>me at least one option for moving through this book.
>keep up the great work, Icon Team.  you folks are doing a tremendous
>job.  when the docking station comes out, i really believe this will be
>the note taker of choice and i hope you have a great marketing strategy
>in mind to make this happen.  might i suggest you get a list of all the
>rehab agencies for the blind and send them each a flier about the
>docking station when it comes out?  i would also suggest an
>announcement be sent to both the NFB and ACT publications for printing?
>Make the biggest splash possible.
>michael d. barber
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