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Hi Sue:
Welcome to a fantastic product! Other computer braille symbols you'll
need to know for e-mail in particular are the at sign which is dot 4,
and the period which is dots 4, 6.
Happy e-mailing.
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Hi Sue,
Yes, you will need to use computer braille when entering email
addresses, web addresses, or numbers on web forms. When entering
numbers, use dot 2 for 1, dots 2+3 for 2, etc.
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Recently, I began using the Braille Plus. I am still learning how to do
many things. I was able to update quite easily, and have downloaded a
few books from bookshare. I have a couple of questions. If I want to
input something like an e-mail address, do I need to switch to computer
braille as the input method? When I was putting in my e-mail address for
bookshare, and used grade 2 as the input method, it wouldn't work. Also
when using the braille keyboard, in computer braille how do you
capitalize? I haven't found this in the manual yet. I'm reading through
it. Thanks. I really like the small size. It can travel nicely in my
knitting bag. 
Sue Mangis 

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