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The smtp server for roadrunner is smtp-server.roadrunner.com. Set "does not require authentication." Make sure your setting is set to smtp when asked about server type.

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Hi and happy newyear.
I can't speak for roadrunner, that is not offered where I live,
but for gmail, your outgoing server should be:
and authentication should be set to the second option, requires


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Hi all, I have a problem which I hope someone can help me
with. I have 2 accounts setup on my icon one of which is a gmail account the other is a roadrunner account I can receive from both of these account with little difficaulty. I how ever can not send it says that it has timed out. I tried setting my roadrunner account to smtp authentication and no luck.. I know that on the mac there is a way to tell mail to use a different server but still send from the other account. In other words you can tell mail to send from roadrunner using a gmaiol outgoing server. Is there something else I need to change to get it to work? I am using a wirless network that is near bie at the moment as my wired connection is not working rite now. Any ideas would be great.


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