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  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 07:50:19 -0500

Hi Jenny,
If you put nls content in a folder other than Import, and chose copy to 
bookshelf, are the zipped files put in the iimport folder?

Stacey Robinson and GEB dog Chesley 
In Tennessee.
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  You can delete all the stuff copied to the bookshelf from the Bookshelf 
itself, or rather, the Library/Books folder and it will remain in its original 
location.  It simply copied the stuff, didn't move it.  As for using the Copy 
Books to Bookshelf option, that option copies everything in a given location 
that the bookshelf can read.  You should set up a folder for your NLS content, 
so you can choose that folder, and it will then copy only everything from that 
folder, not the whole drive.  you can also place your NLS content in to the 
import folder, and it will automatically copy to the Bookshelf every time the 
book catalog is updated.  If you haven't changed this setting, it will 
automatically do this every time you start the Bookshelf.

  When you save an NLS book to the hard drive, choose library/books/import as 
your location.

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    Hi List:

    I downloaded a NLS book and then went under copy books to folder.  The BP 
copied the NLS book but it also copied all the other text files including all 
the issues of all of my newspapers and all of the articles in my RSS feeds.  
Needless to say, I want to know how to restrict my library to just the books.  
Also, if I delete all of this extraneous stuff from the bookshelf, will it be 
deleted from the hard drive completely or just out of the list.  As usual, any 
thoughts would be appreciated.




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