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It's my understanding that, unfortunately, GW-Micro will not sell them as a single item. I also wish I knew where one could be purchased.
On Aug 25, 2007, at 6:20 PM, CB wrote:

What type of USB keyboard are you using? Is it full size? I am still on the hunt for a small USB keyboard. The one they sell with the Small Talk Ultra would be perfect.

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Love my usb keyboard
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I hate to ask, but did you reset the Braille plus and then try again? I
imagine you probably did though.


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OK, before I throw the Think Outside Keyboard against the wall, does anyone have a sure-fired way to get the two devices to see each other and actually

I had it working twice. Then, nothing. I tried every combination I could
think of in the order I turned each one on, etc.
I finally removed the Think Outside from the Bluetooth list on the Braille+. I then turned them both off. I even took the battery out of the keyboard
and let it sit for a while.
I turned the braille+ back on. I put the battery in the keyboard and closed the sliders that lock the keyboard in place and supposedly turn it on. No lights were flashing, so I held in the button until the green light was
flashing to say it was in discovery mode.
I opened the Bluetooth control panel on the Braille+ and selected find
devices.  It came back with an empty list.
I tried holding the button in on the keyboard for a couple of seconds as
Michael Jones had suggested I do.  Nothing.
I tried several times with different timing, order in which I did things,

At this point, I'm hoping it isn't too late to get a refund on the keyboard
from the place I bought it.

So, unless someone has dealt with this kind of frustration and found a way around it, the idea of using a Bluetooth keyboard has lost its luster.



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