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Rita, well put and amen! I purposely did not opt for a Braille Note or similar notetaker because I couldn't put it in my purse. I somehow knew eventually a PDA such as this would come ... and I can't say enough about the Braille+! ----- Original Message ----- From: "Rita L. harrison" <ritalharrison@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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I find it interesting to see all of the complaints going back and forth
on this list, concerning the BP.

Yes, there are bugs in the unit, as there are with any new product.
However, where have we seen anything close to what we all have been
asking for as Blind and Visually Impaired individuals...

To have access to email, music, books, a recorder, a Braille Notetaker,
the internet, and much more, with the portability at the fraction of the
cost of a Braille Note Taker...

I find the keyboard layout to be easier to work with, than I originally
thought, when I first received the BP.  As any new device, you can
adjust with time and practice.  When there is Braille support, this, in
my mind, will be the "perfect" package.

I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank the folks who
are working to make this device, the product that we have all been
asking for, for many years.  I greatly appreciate this awesome
technology, and I do hope that the people in the positions of making
decisions on buying this product for clients, don't deny others from
receiving this great tool, because of their own personal view points.
To withhold advancements in technology would be unfortunate and very

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