[icon-discuss] Re: Question about the noise level of the keys

  • From: Roger Smith <snakeguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 12:49:01 -0400

I find that once you get use to the layout of this keyboard, it's really quite 
nice for doing braille work. I 
use it a lot and have come to be quite proficient with it. I would definitely 
use the bp for note taking in 
a lecture setting. I think it's very difficult to compare the bp with some of 
the other note takers which have 
been mentioned in this thread. There is such a difference in size and of course 
the bigger ones can have bigger 
keypads. Do we really want to give up this small size? I don't think so..
On Thu, 17 Apr 2008 07:36:13 -0400, Sharon wrote:

>I would say  that a mistake occurs about every 20 key presses on my part. If 
>you are not  doing pages and pages of brailling I think it's adequate. Sharon 
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>[icon-discuss] Re: Question    about the noise level of the keys IF it's that 
>bad, maybe    I should look closer at the Icon then...what do you think? Are 
>the rubber keys    also bad? > From: David.Tanner@xxxxxxxxxxx > To:    
>icon-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; richard@xxxxxxxxxxxx > Date: Wed, 16 Apr    2008 
>22:33:13 -0500 > Subject: [icon-discuss] Re: Question about the    noise level 
>of the keys >  > I don't think that the sound is as    critical as it is that 
>the design > and materials of the Braille keys    needs a huge change. It is 
>not > possible to type on the Braille Plus    nearly as quickly or accurately 
>as on most Braille keyboards. And, I    don't know what the Braille > keys now 
>are exactly like, but the Braille    keys on the unit that I > have are 
>wobbely, and both feel and    sound cheap and poorly > made. I don't think I 
>have seen as poor quality    Braille keys on any > other Braille device in a 
>long time. And, I cannot    believe that > this keyboard is going to hold up 
>very well, and is not    designed in > such a way to make it possible to type 
>very fast when; as    has been > said before on this list; if you don't press 
>in just the    right place > the keys won't register correctly or at all. >    
>> I had my Braille Plus less than three weeks and had to send it    back > to 
>APH to have the keyboard adjusted, and it really needed more,    but > I 
>want to wait an additional 3 weeks to a month for it to    go > to Colorado to 
>get that done. The bottom line is that the    material > used to make the keys 
>on the Braille keyboard need to be    changed, > and something about how the 
>keyboard is designed needs    changed.  > Since I don't know what they are 
>doing below the surface of    the > unit. The problem is that the current 
>design is not any place    close > to what it should be when you consider how 
>many people type on    a > Braille keyboard because of their habits formed 
>when they    were > using a Perkins Braillewriter. >  >  >  >     >  >  > 
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>richard@xxxxxxxxxxxx 4/16/2008 9:24 PM    >>> > Hi, > It isn't any louder than 
>a standard keyboard.    At least, none of > the > keyboards I've used. >  >    
>And, as someone else pointed out, the ADA would not allow someone > to    be 
>that > picky. >  > I took notes on a slate and stylus all    the way through a 
>Masters > program and > not one professor    complained about the noise and 
>clicking of a > slate and >    stylus is way more annoying than the keys on 
>Braille Plus. >     > So, go order it and use the 30 day return policy to find 
>all    this > out for > yourself. You won't be sorry you did. >     > Richard 
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>Subject: [icon-discuss] Re: Question about    the noise level of the > keys >  
>>  >  >    Understand that I have not actually seen the unit myself, but I >   
>remember > having a professor who forbade laptops (except for me because    I 
>was > a > special case) because she thought the keyboard was too    noisy - 
>> hated the > "click click click" sound. Essentailly I    didn't want a set of 
>keys > that > would be so loud that they'd    annoy a teacher while a student 
>was > trying to > take notes from    a lecture situation. >  >  > _____  >  > 
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>Subject: [icon-discuss] Re: Question about the noise level of the >    keys > 
>Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:38:34 -0700 >  >  >    Hmm, I must be unique as I 
>think the Braille+ keys are quiet, >    especially > compared with the Braille 
>'n Speak. >  >     >  > ----- Original Message -----  > From: Rob Lambert    
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>Wednesday, April 16, 2008 3:41 PM > Subject:    [icon-discuss] Question about 
>the noise level of the keys >  > I    was curious. Several people on the list 
>noted that the keys on > the    Braille > Plus are noisy, both the rubber and 
>plastic keys. Is the    noise > level the > same on the Icon or is it quieter? 
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