[icon-discuss] Re: Question about the noise level of the keys

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  • Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 07:40:03 -0500

Thanks, but no thanks, I have about 4 BNS 2000s here in my office if
a client really wants one.  I also have a BrailleLite 40 in
excellent working condition, and a BrailleNote QT32, and PacMate
BX440 and PacMate Omni QX440 and other items.  
I am a Braille user, and I still remember getting my first Braille
'N SPeak two months after the first ones started shipping.
As a blind assistive technology specialist responsible for
evaluating clients needs and recommending to clients and their
counselor the product that is most appropriate, and most likely to
have the least amount of problems and need for repair I have to be
very careful that what I recommend is capable of doing what they
need to do and is not going to constantly have to be gone for
extended periods of time for repair.  So, no matter how well I
personally like Braille Plus, and all of its' wonderful features; I
have to be honest and say that I do not feel that it is a unit a
college or high school student can depend on at this point. 
Hopefully, that will change in a year or two.
Many of the other devices we look at as being good now started out
with as many or more problems, and they didn't get recommended very
much until they improved.  
I will also tell you that we do not recommend many notetakers any
more just because there are too many issues with most of them.  We
are leaning heavily toward moving to as portable and lightweight
laptop notebooks as possible with a lightweight bluetooth Braille
display.  If something happens to the computer you are much more
likely to get it repaired and back on the job in a far shorter
period of time.
David Tanner
Rehabilitation Program Specialist 3
Assistive Technology Specialist
Assistive Technology Department
MN State Services f/t Blind
Office- 651-642-0795  Cell- 651-270-2233
Skype name: dtat100

>>> mmccarty@xxxxxxx 4/17/2008 7:21 AM >>>

I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with your Braille+, but I
think you'd find tons of other people (including me) who would
disagree about the keys on the Braille+.  I have had no problem
entering braille with the unit and have enjoyed the freedom the unit
offers.  Please consider another braille 'n Speak, it works just
like a Perkins and is about as portible.  Here's the info from the
APH Flea Market page:

Braille 'n Speak Scholar Talking PDA 
Braille 'n Speak Imagewriter Cable 
Braille 'n Speak Serial Interface Cable 

>>> David.Tanner@xxxxxxxxxxx 04/16/08 11:33PM >>>
I don't think that the sound is as critical as it is that the
and materials of the Braille keys needs a huge change.  It is not
possible to type on the Braille Plus nearly as quickly or
as on most Braille keyboards.  And, I don't know what the Braille
keys now are exactly like, but the Braille keys on the unit that I
have are mushey, wobbely, and both feel and sound cheap and poorly
made.  I don't think I have seen as poor quality Braille keys on
other Braille device in a long time.  And, I cannot believe that
this keyboard is going to hold up very well, and is not designed
such a way to make it possible to type very fast when; as has been
said before on this list; if you don't press in just the right
the keys won't register correctly or at all.

I had my Braille Plus less than three weeks and had to send it
to APH to have the keyboard adjusted, and it really needed more,
I didn't want to wait an additional 3 weeks to a month for it to
to Colorado to get that done.  The bottom line is that the
used to make the keys on the Braille keyboard need to be changed,
and something about how the keyboard is designed needs changed. 
Since I don't know what they are doing below the surface of the
unit.  The problem is that the current design is not any place
to what it should be when you consider how many people type on a
Braille keyboard because of their habits formed back when they
using a Perkins Braillewriter.

David Tanner
Rehabilitation Program Specialist 3
Assistive Technology Specialist
Assistive Technology Department
MN State Services f/t Blind
Office- 651-642-0795  Cell- 651-270-2233
Skype name: dtat100

>>> richard@xxxxxxxxxxxx 4/16/2008 9:24 PM >>>
It isn't any louder than a standard keyboard.  At least, none of
keyboards I've used.

And, as someone else pointed out, the ADA would not allow someone
to be that

I took notes on a slate and stylus all the way through a Masters
program and
not one professor complained about the noise and the clicking of a
slate and
stylus is way more annoying than the keys on the Braille Plus.

So, go order it and use the 30 day return policy to find all this
out for
yourself.  You won't be sorry you did.



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Understand that I have not actually seen the unit myself, but I
having a professor who forbade laptops (except for me because I
special case) because she thought the keyboard was too noisy - she
hated the
"click click click" sound. Essentailly I didn't want a set of keys
would be so loud that they'd annoy a teacher while a student was
trying to
take notes from a lecture situation.


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Subject: [icon-discuss] Re: Question about the noise level of the
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:38:34 -0700

Hmm, I must be unique as I think the Braille+ keys are quiet,
compared with the Braille 'n Speak.

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I was curious. Several people on the list noted that the keys on
the Braille
Plus are noisy, both the rubber and plastic keys. Is the noise
level the
same on the Icon or is it quieter?


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